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To be a leading education provider, and a reference standard for world-class, holistic, and impactful education.


This is a vision we take very seriously, and have developed a curriculum, with programmes and activities designed to start from a very early stage to equip our children with the right attitude, and the self-belief, skills and determination to become 1st tier leaders in their chosen endeavors.

Mission, Aims & Objectives

Crestbridge School is committed to all-round excellence. We aim to develop students in a purposeful manner to become the best they possibly can, and to equip them with life-long skills and attitudes that will guaranty future success, happiness, and fulfilment.


We have a three-pronged mission:

  • Maximize the potential of each student, and develop life-long learning skills to ensure academic success now and in the future

  • Equip our students with the core values that will ensure they grow into happy, confident, resilient, and responsible adults

  • Develop leadership & social skills needed to stand-out and grow into successful global leaders of people, organizations, businesses, and governments in future.

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