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Primary Curriculum

Crestbridge School is a 21st Century education provider.


Our programmes are tailored to ensure children achieve their maximum potentials whilst enjoying learning. Our curriculum is rooted in the British National Curriculum blended with a rich mix of core content from the Nigerian National Curriculum.

Our classrooms are equipped with modern audio-visual teaching aids, including computers, smart boards and an extensive range of Information Technology (IT) tools and equipment.

Our pupils also have access to external global learning platforms which enable them to connect periodically to teacher-led learning sessions conducted from outside Nigeria to enrich their learning experience.

Generally, our lower school curriculum is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To begin from a very early age to develop children for admission into top colleges and universities in Nigeria and globally.

  2. To develop confident and courageous young people who are eloquent, articulate, bold and intelligent, with a unique sense of style and etiquette that will keep them apart from the crowd and enhance their ability to always emerge as leaders as they grow into their chosen professions

  3. To develop leadership and entrepreneurial aptitude in children and provide the guidance necessary to develop them into business and organizational leaders as they grow up into young adults.


We run a very modern academic curriculum, consisting of a smart and intelligent combination of the Montessori and the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curricula.


The Montessori system helps children to have an indebt experience of their learning, pushing new learning into their sub-conscious in such a way that it is never forgotten.


The blend with the EYFS helps to increase learning excitement, and puts in the children a solid foundation for future academic pursuits.


There’s so much excitement hidden inside books. The earlier a child starts reading, the more he/she will enjoy school. At Crestbridge, we have a programme to get your kids reading properly from the age of 2 years.


Once they start reading at this early age, you will be surprised how quickly their IQ jumps up. School becomes even more fun, and the child keeps seeking for more and more books to read in order to increase their knowledge of the world.


It’s a special programme that is exclusive to Crestbridge in Nigeria.

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