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Academic Objectives

Crestbridge College consists of two arms in the secondary stream - the Lower School and the Senior School.


The college offers a broad academic programme, rooted in the British National Curriculum with appropriate elements of the Nigerian National Curriculum that are required to provide holistic international education for the students. This ensures that our students will thrive in both international and Nigerian examinations. In each year group, we have carefully selected the subjects we teach, we teach them in a manner that ensures that each student is optimally challenged to succeed whilst also enjoying their learning.


Our programmes are delivered by staff who are well-versed in their subjects and have a passion to pass on their knowledge and experience to the students. We plan our progression carefully to ensure that our Lower School students gain the advantage they need to be successful in their IGSCE/WAEC years, while students in the Senior School are well equipped for the challenges of A-Levels & International Foundation Years (IFY) as the case may be.

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