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Philosophy & Ethos

Crestbridge College is committed to providing an inspiring educational environment for our students. Our goal is to challenge and inspire every student to be the best they possibly can. We will to this by broadening their horizons through a combination of tough challenge and strong support.


We offer our students opportunities to extend their knowledge and to flourish academically and socially, and we encourage them to take these opportunities. We also encourage them to collaborate and support each other in their learning journey.


We teach our students the basic principles of care for self, care for others and service in leadership. We aim to provide each student with the strength and the drive to succeed and achieve their maximum potentials.


We have a Christian background and teach our students the basic Christian principles of love for each other and belief in God Almighty.


We have zero tolerance for bullying, cheating and violence. We therefore thrive to foster an environment in which students are happy and each student feels valued, has a sense of responsibility and respect for others.

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