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A culture of excellence

Why choose Crestbridge?

Crestbridge School was established after several years of careful planning, recruitment and competence development. It builds on experience of some of the best schools in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, re-enforcing what works well while replacing those that have not worked so well based on experience. The school builds on three key themes: Confidence, Leadership & Achievement. Our passion is to create an environment where children thrive and grow to be the best they possibility can. We therefore do everything possible to guaranty a successful future for your child. There are many things that stand us out from the rest. However, do not take our word for it. We encourage you to visit us physically so you can see things for yourself and form your own opinion.


Facilities & Equipment:

Crestbridge is one of the most well equipped schools in Port Harcourt – full Montessori teaching aids, a complete set of other learning tools and equipment, modern classrooms and a well-stocked library. We also operate from a serene and safe location right in the heart of Port Harcourt. Parents and children who have visited us in the past have variously described Crestbridge School as a “Children’s Paradise”


Small Class Sizes:

At Crestbridge, we believe that every child deserves special attention during regular classroom sessions. This applies as much to the very gifted as it does to the slower learners. As a result, we have designed our school for small class sizes. Each class holds a maximum of 15 children at a time. This way, the teacher and class assistant can monitor each child as an individual, providing support when needed, and then moving on to other things at the appropriate time to prevent boredom or distraction.


A Family-Oriented School:

We are a family-oriented school, with a very warm, caring and nurturing environment. Children at Crestbridge School will feel very loved and cared for, but we also challenge every child academically and socially to bring out the best in them. We strive to ensure that our children are happy, and we encourage them to be supportive of each other. We have zero tolerance for bullying and aggressive behavior. We understand how difficult it can be to juggle the ever increasing busy life of parents with managing your kids’ educational activities. We will therefore do everything possible to align our programmes and activities to accommodate your life style – including extended evening hours, school pick-ups and drop-offs, after-school club activities, etc.


At Crestbridge, every child is considered “Normal”

We know that children learn at different paces. There are extremely gifted children who learn very quickly and always tend to be ahead of their age mates. There are the so-called “normal” children, and then there are also those who need more time and learning support than others. Our belief at Crestbridge is that EVERY CHILD IS NORMAL! They may learn at different paces, respond differently to different circumstances and behave differently. But they are all NORMAL! Our job as educators is to study each child carefully, find out what works best for him/her and then develop a programme that works best for that child. That is exactly what we do with your child at Crestbridge School.


Our Etiquette & Elocution Classes:

At Crestbridge, we believe that the child should not only pass through the school, but the school should also pass through him/her. We therefore have special etiquette and elocution classes for all our children (both those in the main school and those in the After-School Club). This ensures that our children speak clearly and correctly, have the right carriage and conduct themselves in society as the very-well educated and well-groomed individuals that we are making them into.

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